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MIDEM 2011 Recap: Classical Music Out, Taiwan Music In [09 Feb 2011|09:19am]


Estimating numbers as to how much attendance at MIDEM has decreased over the prior year has become something of a ritual. In this respect, MIDEM has become something of a barometer for the recorded music industry and the news is not good. Official attendance numbers released by conference organizer ReedMIDEM were 6,800, down 5%. For anyone who hadn't been to MIDEM for a few years, they would barely be able to recognize it for all the sections of the Palais now off-limits (including our old Press Club, much to my chagrin).
Having said that, there are bright spots. MIDEM welcomed a record number of music managers (150) as well as significant increases in attending publishers (+25%) and digital/tech companies (+29%) - trends that certainly reflect some of the growth sectors in the industry. Also, 33% of 2011 attendees were newbies, ie., first timers, indicating that there are still new players, new ideas, and people who are still willing to take their chances with music . Considering our particular economic circumstances, one might wonder why.
By Eric de Fontenay
More on this article at http://www.musicdish.com/

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Thoughts About Taiwan Music And MIDEM [01 Feb 2011|01:23pm]


I am not yet very familiar with Taiwanese music, though I hope to find out more later. Some of what I want to say is fairly general and some is specific.
Clearly the first market to look at for Taiwanese music is mainland China and the Greater Chinese overseas market. I understand that Taiwan is already strong in these markets, but the problem in mainland China is the state of the market , where getting paid for the use of recorded music is a continuing problem.
I would just say that every effort should be made to encourage the authorities to find a way to monetise the use of music, which is consistent with consumer behaviour. I would encourage this effort to focus on the huge musical potential on the mainland and on the Taiwanese desire to engage with this development to help and stimulate it. But without sensible and reliable revenue sources for the use of recorded music, the domestic market will never achieve its potential. The developments in Taiwan are an example of the possibilities that open up for both creators and investors when there is a coherent market for recorded music.
By Peter Jenner
Read Full Article at http://china.musicdish.com

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За кого ты выйдешь замуж? [07 Jul 2010|01:07pm]
За кого ты выйдешь замуж?
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Call for submissions [22 May 2010|04:08am]

Naku Po They Didn't! (NKPTD) is an English-language, online news-sharing community about Philippine popular culture and media.  A spin-off of ONTD (American) and OMNTD (Korean) on the same blogging platform, NKPTD aims to heighten overseas awareness and support for Filipino artists.

[info]nakupotheydidnt is now open for submissions!

Who can post: anyone with a LiveJournal account (It's free!)

What to post: any news or updates about Filipino artists, celebrities, shows, movies, music, and everything else pop culture.

Why you should post: because Filipinos are awesome!

Also interested in the very rich OPM live band scene? Visit our sister community at [info]nkptd_plugged.
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[06 Dec 2009|09:41pm]

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hi [25 Aug 2009|06:32pm]

its been a while since I used LJ... i can't believe I created a_z_n and how much it grew! WOW!!!! thanks guys for being part of this community...
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Meg & Dia's new video for "Black Wedding" [28 Apr 2009|03:56am]

some nice azn sisters!

Their album, Here, Here, and Here is out now. You can get it here on iTunes.

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Witchdoctors and Assassins 2008 A.D. (NYC APIA Open Mic) [02 Oct 2008|09:05pm]

October 10th and 24th @ The Asian American Writers' Workshop
6:30 - 8:30 P.M.

A new reading series and open mic for Asian/Pacific Islander-American youth (from middle-school to recent college graduates) at The Asian American Writers' Workshop.

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO SHOWS: October 10th AND 24th, 2008***

Who are the Witchdoctors and Assassins?

As bodies that have witnessed onslaughts of violence and trauma from
supremacist regimes, we are sounding out for decolonization. We refuse
to play the “victim” in the countless oppressions against us. If you
ask us who we are, we say we are “witchdoctors and assassins”*. By
assuming these roles, we are demonstrating our creative resistance
against the traditional act of “performing” our race, gender, class,
sexual identity, and beyond on the world stage.

We are Axis of Praxis, your resident arts collective, coming to you
with our interpretation of the revolutionary theater. As witchdoctors
and assassins, we will be actors in the conjuring and dispelling of
the violence and trauma that we have witnessed in its most personal
and destructive forms. We invite you not to become only spectators in
this process, but participants with your own stories and revolutionary
fervor. Join us as we don our masks in performance, become puppets,
and transcend the stage with an impromptu dance party. See that the
instances of oppression you have witnessed in your lives on a daily
basis is no less or disconnected from the headlines of Asian America—
whatever and however that body means to us and to you.

* Leroi Jones/ Amiri Baraka. The Revolutionary Theatre. Liberator,

Take the N, R, Q, W, F, B, D, V trains to 34th Street/Herald Square

For more info go to:

Axis of Praxis are:
-Krystle Cheirs
-Nafisa Ferdous
-Emmelle Israel
-Muriel Leung
-Jackie Mariano
-Elijah Kuan Wong
-Derek Yung
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[24 Feb 2008|04:32am]
Join us at *azn_perspective
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[17 Feb 2008|06:18pm]
Join us at ×asian_women
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welcome back [20 Jan 2008|03:58am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

hey everybody,
havent been on this thing since 2004. wow i totally for got about this site. n e ways im working on a book so ill be posting chapters on here. i figure this is the best place to have it. some criticism would be greatly apprciated

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[24 Dec 2007|02:00am]
Join our new community for Asians — azn_perspective.
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[21 Sep 2007|10:54am]

Join our new community — lebaneselove!
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[07 Sep 2007|05:30pm]
Join our new community — lebaneselove! ♥
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www.AsianMixture.com [14 Jul 2007|01:03am]

Hi all

check out cool asian site at http://www.asianmixture.com

see you there :)
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Rain in June! [17 Apr 2007|01:38pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I just wanted to let everyone here know that a really talented singer&dancer, Rain(Bi) will be holding a concert here in Toronto, Canada on June 9th (I don't know what cities you're living in).  He's quite famous in Asia, and he's trying to make it in N.A.  This is his first World Tour and I know that it's really hard for foreigners to break into the North American market, especially if you're Asian.  So if you live in Toronto or can make it out on the 9th, come out and check out what promises to be an amazing show for those who aren't already fans!


for more info about him!

I put this up because I think he deserves support from people who like his work and don't know about this concert - I still haven't seen any promotions or anything.

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[06 Apr 2007|02:22pm]

i recently had a chance to meet one of korea's top star's manager. turns out i'm related to bae yong-joon manager. if you're living in asia, you probably have heard of BYJ, and maybe seen his work on telly too. this guy made over 45 mil in 2006 alone! but he never did any television drama or film work in 2006!

anyway, my aunts and i visited his home the other day. here's the story.
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[25 Jan 2007|08:44pm]
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For those Japanese people living abroad [30 Dec 2006|10:46am]

If you don't mind, can you answer the following questions for my thesis? 

1. Did you go back to Japan for the Coming of Age ceremony?
2. Why or why not?
3. Could you provide detailed description of the ceremony?
4. What was the most important element of the ceremony? Please describe it and explain what made it so important.
5. What did the ceremony mean to you?
6. Describe any emotional feelings before, during, and after the ceremony.
7. Do you think it is important for others to go back to celebrate it as well?
8. Did you share the experience after you came back to the United States?
9. If you were going to do it again, would you do it differently, and how?
10. Would the ceremony have the same meaning if you had celebrated it in the United States?
11. Did you feel Japanese during the ceremony? How? Did you feel any other identity?
12. How did you feel during your stay in Japan after having lived in the United States?
13. What, if anything about you has changed since the ceremony?
14. How would you define your cultural identity?

any help would be great. thanks.
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Help needed with thesis ASAP [13 Dec 2006|02:53pm]

I need help with my thesis! Anyone know of someone who went back to Japan to celebrate their seijinshiki (coming of age ceremony)?! I need participants for my thesis, and would love to send you a copy of the survey if you know anyone. Please email me @ thesis.honors@gmail.com for more information! Thanks!
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